Kochi is stated as the most vibrant city of Kerala, where you can witness old culture blending with the new hip-hop culture. Though it took many years to discover the true potential of Kochi, it is now one of the fastest growing cities in India.

Cochin includes mainland Ernakulam, Fort Cochin and Mattancherry. Ernakulam is a bustling city with shoppers and tourists. The buildings of the colonial era can be seen in Fort Cochin. St. Francis Church, Vasco House, Koder House, Old Harbour House, David Hall and the Bastion Bungalow are some of the landmarks. Chinese fishing nets can be seen in this area.

Mattancherry, the western part of Cochin, was once a bustling centre of trade, particularly in spices. Invasions from across the sea was frequent and the invaders left indelible marks on the landscape, culture, art and social history of the place. Churches, agraharams, mosques and a synagogue co-exist in the area.

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